PROJEEP TEC was established in 2007 and since then we are developing and manufacturing advanced technologies and products.

  • Projeep-tech is the technology division belonging to Projeep4x4 inc.
  • Projeep4x4 is an established company existing for more then 12 years and run by Guy REFAEL, the owner and founder.
  • The divisions' goal- introducing of technological solutions, incorporating years of experience in design, development and manufacturing of products for the automotive, security, defense and targets.
  • The division is led by a design & development team which combines knowledge in materials and manufacturing procedures with fast and accurate response and execution abilities. 
  • The projects performed by the division are wide spread- popping shooting targets, r/c target vehicles, control/command mobile containers, vehicle outfitting for various purposes, etc.
  • Many of the projects were done in collaboration with the IDF and leading defense industry companies.
  • The divisions'  products are proven and were field tested by the IDF and defense agencies  as well as the defense industry (RAFAEL, ELBIT, SULTAM) and are well documented. For instance: the smart shooting targets have been tested and approved by the IDFs' testing unit after passing a series of environment endurance tests such as: thermal, shakes, sand and dust, moisture (rain, mist), salt and tightness.
  • The products made are backed by the division fully- from inception through field services and warranty.


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